Sunday Reads: June 7

It’s raining, so lots of reading for you.

NPR: How much do we need the police?

Montana Free Press: Where do we grow from here?

Foreign Affairs: The pandemic does not spell the end for cities

New Yorker: How the protests have changed the pandemic

Reuters: U.S. defense chief opposes deploying troops to quell protests, despite Trump threats

Washington Post: Jim Mattis blasts Trump in message that defends protesters, says president ‘tries to divide us’

Foreign Affairs: How the coronavirus sows civil conflict

Smithsonian Magazine: The schoolteacher who sparked America’s craft brew revolution

Pew Research Center: Views of racial inequality in America

The New York Times: What will college be like in the fall?

Time: N.C. Supreme Court rules over 100 death row inmates have chance to prove racism affected their sentences

Kaiser Health News: Tear-gassing protesters during an infectious outbreak ‘A recipe for disaster’

The Hechinger Report: Hundreds of thousands of students still can’t access online learning

Denver Post: Colorado lawmakers introduce sweeping police reform bill

Route Fifty: Protesters demand defunding and demilitarization of police

Reuters: Walmart removes firearms, ammunition from floor display as protests rage in U.S.

The New York Times: Genes May Leave Some People More Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19

ProPublica: Tear gas is way more dangerous than police let on — especially during the coronavirus pandemic

Time: ‘The saddest, bitterest thing of all.’ From the Great Depression to today, a long history of food destruction in the face of hunger

The New York Times: Pandemic could scar a generation of working mothers

The New York Times: Some Japanese whiskies aren’t from Japan. Some aren’t even whisky.

Pew: COVID-19 could be end of line for some regional colleges

CityLab: What mayors are saying about the George Floyd protests

The New York Times: Trump, citing pandemic, moves to weaken two key environmental protections

Reuters: City centres to see ‘radical’ redesign amid coronavirus

Bloomberg: Amazon workers sue over virus brought home from warehouse

The New York Times: Facebook employees stage virtual walkout to protest Trump posts

Politico: With cities burning, transit is part of the story

The Atlantic: The real threats to America’s cities