Sunday Reads: Feb. 9

Here’s to a good week Great Falls.

NPR: When McDonald’s was a road to black liberation

This Hill: The next frontier of criminal justice reform: county jails

The Economist: America’s suicide rate has increased for 13 years in a row

NBC News: An Antarctic base recorded a temperature of 64.9 degrees F. If confirmed, it’s a record high

Literary Hub: In 2019, more Americans went to the library than the movies.

The Atlantic: The 2020 election will be a war of disinformation

The New York Times: ‘All-electric’ movement picks up speed, catching some off guard

The Verge: Traffic jams in Google Maps could be spoofed with 99 phones and a little red wagon

Reuters: U.S. construction posts first drop since June

The New York Times: The dog park is bad, actually

Bloomberg Green: Wind turbine blades can’t be recycled, so they’re piling up in landfills

Wall Street Journal: France says au revoir to the cafe

NPR: Police offering drug recover help, ‘We can’t arrest our way out of this problem’