Sunday Reads: Jan. 12

Stay warm out there Great Falls!

The New York Times: Current job: award-winning chef. Education: University of IHOP.

The Gazette: How will increased downtown Colorado Springs parking fees be used?

Idaho Press: Boise’s changes to impact fee projects without public hearings called into question

CityLab: Denser housing gains traction on America’s east coast

The Economist: Laboratories of democracy: The 2020 presidential election will be decided in the suburbs

Missoula Current: Proposed ‘food policy board’ in Missoula could take shape this year

AFAR: This might be the most epic zipline experience ever

LinkedIn: The job magnets no one expected: How 12 U.S. cities are defying the odds

The Atlantic: The trouble with crime statistics

Civil Eats: What it takes to keep independent grocery stores open in rural communities

Politico: Wasted potential: Recycling progress in public housing eludes city officials 

Slate: Why Goodnight Moon is missing from the New York Public Library’s list of the 10 most-checked-out books of all time