Canned Food Day at Municipal Court is Dec. 6

The annual Canned Food Day in Municipal Court is Dec. 6 from 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

During this event, defendants who are making monthly payments on fines have the option of bringing in canned food in lieu of December’s payment.

For 10 donated non-perishable food items, $50 will be credited towards total fines owed. Regardless of the number of cans brought in, the maximum amount that will be credited on Canned Food Day is $50.

Defendants who meet any of the following are not eligible to participate in Canned Food Day:

  • Not current on fines
  • Paying only restitution
  • Have an active warrant
  • Have a deferred prosecution agreement
  • Completing a work project (community service) in lieu of their fines

Food collected during Canned Food Day will be donated to the Great Falls Community Food Bank. In 2018, Canned Food Day collected 5,280 pounds of food for the community; 4,905 pounds was collected in 2017 and 4,972 in 2016.

All food items donated during the event must be non-perishable. Donated food will not be returned if it is determined defendants are not eligible. For more information contact Municipal Court at 771-1380.