Pipe more than halfway under river in water main crossing project

As of about 5 p.m. on Oct. 15, pipe had been pulled about halfway under the river for the water main crossing between Meadowlark and Verde parks.

Public Works Director Jim Rearden said during the commission meeting that the contractor might work through the night pulling 24-inch pipe and was hoping to have the pipe completely across the river by Wednesday evening.

There were some initial problems with the pipe over the weekend that slowed the pulling process, but Rearden said they were nearing completion on both the Missouri and Sun river crossings.

Once crews are done pulling the pipe under the river, he said, they’ll still have to tie those pipes into the existing water system.

The walls at Verde Park were a sound barrier since the initial 200 feet required a steel casing since it went under the railroad tracks, Rearden said.

Park and Recreation staff told The Electric on Monday that Meadowlark Park would get new sod when the project was completed and Verde Park would be reseeded.

That work will likely be done in the spring, Park and Rec staff told The Electric on Tuesday, since the contractor needs to finish work at the staging point, clear equipment and bring in topsoil first.

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