McWilliams resigning as clerk of court

The Cascade County Clerk of Court is resigning, effective Jan. 2.

Faye McWilliams notified the County Commission last week of her decision to resign from the elected position.

She was appointed in January 2011 to fill the term of another clerk who had resigned and won a 2012 election to the four-year term. She ran again in 2016.

Her term would be up at the end of 2020.

McWilliams told The Electric this week that “it’s just time to retire and I’m looking forward to spending time with my family.”

She said she gave notice now of her intent to resign so the county had time to appoint someone to fill the remainder of her term and allow some overlap time for training and a smooth transition.

McWilliams started in the clerk’s office in 2001 as a file clerk, then worked as a jury clerk, then an appeals clerk and was then appointed as the clerk of court.

The county commission will appoint someone to fill the remainder of McWilliams’ term through Dec. 31, 2020.

McWilliams is a Democrat and according to the elections office, the county has typically chosen a replacement from the incumbent’s party.

The county will likely develop a job description for the position and also solicit names from the Democratic committee here and then interview candidates before making an appointment, according to several officials.

McWilliams supervises clerks in the civil and criminal divisions of the Cascade County district court. She said during her time there, the court has gotten busier.

She said her staff spend more and more time in court, but this year, the county gave her another clerk in the budget.

McWilliams said she’s currently hiring to fill a vacancy from a retirement, but then will advertise for the new position.