City Commission candidate questionnaires, ballot tips

The Electric sent questionnaires to the candidates for City Commission that included some that weren’t asked during the candidate forum on Oct. 23 and some submitted by audience members and readers.

As responses to the questionnaire are returned, they will be posted on The Electric.

[Audio] City Commission candidate forum

Some election reminders:

Ballots are due by Nov. 7 at 8 p.m.

You may vote for up to two candidates for the City Commission seats. The top two vote getters will take the available two seats.

Choose one for mayor.

City ballots in the mail this week

The ballot also includes the question of backyard hens, economic development levy and charter updates.

Charter amendments make up multiple ballot questions for city voters [Sample ballot included]

Neighborhood Councils are also on the ballot, but since none have more than five candidates, all will essentially be elected to the council and city staff will work to find willing candidates to be appointed to any remaining vacancies.

Ballots were sent by mail and may be returned by mail or in person at the Cascade County Elections Office at 325 2nd Ave. N. #100. On Election Day, ballots may be returned at Exhibition Hall at Expo Park. City residents may also register to vote at Expo Park on Election Day or get replacement ballots if they lose theirs.

Make sure to sign your ballot and only your ballot. Ballots with mismatched signatures will not be counted but election officials will work to contact the voter to have the issue corrected. Voters who have mismatched signature or no signature have until 5 p.m. the day after the election to rectify the issue. Otherwise, their ballot will not be counted.

Got questions, call the Cascade County Elections Office at 454-6803.