Commission delays reappointments to parking board

Quorum problems with the city’s planning and parking boards have caught the attention of the City Commission and on Tuesday, they postponed two reappointments.

The agenda included appointing Kellie Pierce of the Downtown Great Falls Association to a seat that had been vacated by a member who termed out in 2016 but has continued to serve until a replacement could be found. That member is Dave Campbell of Amazing Toys. The city has been advertising for this position since 2016.

Commissioners approved Pierce’s appointment.

The Parking Advisory Commission had supported Pierce’s appointment, as well as the reappointment of Dave Snuggs and Bill Mintsiveris, who serves as chairman of the committee.

Both had been appointed to fill vacancies, meaning they were serving partial terms that expired in April.

Parking board beginning strategic planning process

Commissioner Bill Bronson requested that they postpone the vote on reappointments until their Nov. 7 meeting.

The PAC has also canceled multiple meetings this year due to lack of quorum.

Watch video from the meeting here.

Bronson said that his reasoning included Snuggs’ attendance issues at the meetings. Bronson said he wants a chance to meet with Mintsiveris to discuss his recent email correspondence sent to the entire PAC, as well as come commissioners, city staff and civic groups. Staff advised the PAC not to reply all to those emails or reply at all as those discussions needed to be had in a public meeting.

“I think it’s important that this commission impress on him the proper way to communicate,” Bronson said. “To put it bluntly, I think we need to have a come to Jesus meeting with him.”

Mayor Bob Kelly said that he and the commission appreciate volunteers and their service, but there is an obligation to show up for meetings. For Mintsiveris, he said a conversation on the role of chairman on public bodies was needed before they’d approve the reappointments.

City Attorney Sara Sexe said she had asked Raymond to put her on the next PAC agenda to brief them on public meeting laws and other principles of serving on public boards. Sexe said she had already spoken to Mintsiveris regarding the emails.

None of the PAC members attended the meeting to speak about the appointment or reappointments.

The planning board recently canceled a meeting due to lack of quorum, delaying two projects.

Lack of quorum again cancels planning board meeting, delaying two projects

Developers are required to cover the cost of legal ad fees for meeting and public hearing notices. When meetings are canceled due to lack of quorum, the city pays the cost of legal notices for the rescheduled meetings. Those fees range from $200 to $500 per notice, according to city staff.

City staff are working to address the quorum issues and several members will term out this year. The City Commission has the ability to remove members that they appointed to any city board.