Update: City Commission candidate filings

As of Tuesday, more candidates have filed for City Commission.

Those candidates are Mary Sheehy Mo, Tyson Habein, Kate Hughes and Fred Burow. Burow is an incumbent and seeking a third term.

Three seats are up for election this year. Two regular 4-year commission seats, currently occupied by Burow and Bob Jones.

Jones is still deciding, based on family health issues.

Two file in City Commission race

The mayor’s seat is also up for grabs this year. It’s a two-year seat currently filled by Bob Kelly. He has filed to run again. He was elected as mayor in 2015 and previously served as a commissioner.

No one else has yet filed to run for mayor and if no one does by Monday’s deadline, the race will be cancelled and not appear on the ballot, according to the county elections office.

The deadline to file is June 19.

The elections office has not received any questions about petitions to put chickens on the November ballot or to inquire about the process for recall elections.

We’ll continue to update you if anyone else files as a candidate for city office and will post candidate profiles in the coming weeks. Got a question for candidates? Send it to jenn@theelectricgf.com