Park district hearing set for June 6

A public hearing has been set for June 6 for the City Commission to consider a resolution of intent to create a park district.

The proposal is for a 20-year park district for $2,267,796 annually for the first three years and the assessment would be based on taxable value. For a property with a $100,000 taxable value, the assessment would be $43.28 annually, or $3. 61 per month.

A town hall meeting on the park district proposal has been set for May 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Civic Center.

If commissioners approve the resolution of intent on June 6, letters will be mailed June 9 to all property owners in the city limits detailing the proposed park district, the process and the assessment, Patty Rearden told commissioners during Tuesday’s work session. Rearden is the interim Park and Recreation department director.

Park District assessment considered to support city park system

If more than 50 percent of property owners protest the creation of the district, the proposal is dead in the water. If between 10 and 50 percent of property owners protest, the commissioners can do nothing or the proposal must go to a referendum. If less than 10 percent protest, commissioners can move forward with creating the district by resolution.

Rearden said that the proposed projects for the first few years, if the park district is approved, would be focused on improvements that would be highly visible to the community.

The first year’s proposed projects, based on the adopted Park and Rec master plan, include:

  • An ADA restroom at Lion’s Park and Oddfellows Park
  • ADA improvements to the bath house at Electric City Water Park
  • Park equipment
  • Funding to match private funds for improvements at the Multi Sports complex
  • ADA sidewalks to play structures
  • Irrigation upgrades
  • Resurfacing sports courts
  • New dog park
  • Equipment for the River’s Edge Trail
  • Turf maintenance and tree replacement
  • Picnic pavilion and tables
  • Funding to match private funds for improvements to the River’s Edge Trail
  • On street trail connectors

Proposed projects for the second year include:

  • ADA improvements to Gibson Park restrooms and sidewalks to play structures
  • Gibson Park pond wall, which is failing
  • Feasibility study for a combined recreation/aquatics facility
  • More irrigation upgrades, turf maintenance and tree replacement, trail connectors and more from year one.

Proposed projects for the third year include:

  • Replace trails and paths in Gibson Park and Elk’s Riverside Park
  • Grande Vista Park asphalt trail overlay
  • More progress on deferred maintenance and continuing upgrades from the first two years.

Want to read the full Park and Rec master plan? You can find it here on the city website.